"In a society that tries to standardize thinking, individuality is not highly prized." Alex Grey

G'Day. My name is Michel, also know as Miky, an Italian Tattoo Artist now based in Melbourne. My unique designs and experience will guide you through a journey that goes beyond the ordinary.

About me

My biography and career path until now.

My name is Michel also known as Miky, I was born and raised in Italy although for the last 7 years I’ve been travelling and living in more than 28 countries, tattooing and studying Art with the influence of so many different cultures.

I began my journey in the tattoo industry in 2010 in London. Here I spent my first two years at the 103 Skull Tattoo Studio, getting a traditional tattoo apprenticeship.

In the next years I then improved my knowledge in Italy followed by a voyage through Mexico, Central and South America. Here I studied and practice some unique ancient tattoo’s techniques like Maya and Inca’s. As a result my creativity and inspiration experienced an exponential growth.

In 2014/15 I moved to Barcelona and immediately felt in love with its art and warmth. While performing tattoos, I deepened the knowledge of the human anatomy and the study of painting’s techniques in an art academy. In this way I further my education and understanding of colours and lights allowing me to perform higher quality tattoos.

From 2016 I relocated myself to Australia and finally decided to settle in Melbourne know as the Aussie Art Capital.

Being myself an Art enthusiast makes me love many different mediums as painting, sculpture, illustration and of course tattoos. My curiosity and hunger of always learning new things and techniques keep my art in constant change and evolution, in a way that it gets hard to define it within only one style.

I love to name my style as Free Style Art which is a combination of techniques, mainly geometric, watercolour, and realism. The technique I use it is based on the subject and what the person need to express. The only constant in my work is the love for what I'm doing.

I always love to the establish a connection with the person going to get tattooed. In fact my aim it’s to empathize and feel your idea so I can better convert it in art on paper and next on skin, making the whole process an enjoyable and unforgettable life event.


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Below you can find some of the services I offer to my clients
Custom and unique designs

Specialized in custom Tattoo designs as unique as you are. My focus is on exclusive and original tattoos. I custom design all my own and ensure that every tattoo is clean, slick and solid and executed with a high level of precision. I love to interpret each individuals’ ideas into something completely unique and hand draw the design no matter how big or small.

Highest hygiene standard

I pride myself on providing the very best in standards of hygiene across all areas of work. I’m fully certified for tattooing and adhere closely to all relevant standards of health and hygiene. One of my key priority areas is to ensure the safety of customers. To this end, I always make sure to use high quality materials and equipment, like state of the art tattoo machines, needles, quality inks and accessories.

Best quality equipment and inks

I use only the best quality ink and materials, giving you a vivid and vibrant tattoo that will last long and look great. I’m dedicated to providing the highest quality and safest tattoo ink available in the world today and is under constant research and development to meet the strict requirements of health agencies. We also use “Eternal Ink”, which is made with organic pigment that is completely vegan safe.

Vegan friendly products

I also take pride in offering a vegan friendly tattoo experience from start to finish. Though most of my tattooing equipment is vegan there remains some non-vegan products like Vaseline that will soon been replaced by a vegan friendly substitute. Most inks that I use is from “Eternal Ink”. Their ink products are water-based pigments made using organic, vegan-friendly and non-toxic ingredients.